GAP 5.0 ERP Core Modules

Finance & Accounts Module
Scope and Advanced Features of Finance & Accounts Module:
1.   Cash, Bank, Journal and Contra Vouchers :

  • Auto TDS transaction generated along with the consideration of concessional TDS rate.
  • Minimized the Journal vouchers.
  • Multistaged approval system
  • Account balances based on Approved/ Unapproved Transactions.
  • Auto Online Posting to Cash/Bank a/c at the time of approval.

2.   Taxation :

  • Excise
  • Service Tax / VAT
  • TDS / WCT
  • FBT
  • Sales Tax Forms Management
  • Waybill Management
3.  Purchase Vouchers :

  • Auto generation of Accounts Purchase
  • Auto Item/Product group wise Purchase a/c posting.
  • Auto debit note/credit note generation for rate difference / shortage / rejections.
  • Auto postings in respective Tax component
 4.   Purchase Freight Vouchers :

  • Auto generation of Accounts Purchase Freight Voucher as per transportation rate with shortage deduction as per prescribed norms and rates.
  • Auto Product group wise Inward Freight a/c posting.
  • Auto TDS entry generation along with the consideration of concessional TDS rate.

5.   General Expense Bills (for Service) :

  • Structured system for Several type of service bill capturing
  • Auto or user defined posting system
  • Feature of Amount breakup capturing like Service tax etc.
  • Daybook View for these bills
  • Help in reducing the JVs
  • Capturing the Expense head
  • Direct booking of expenses on cost heads
 6.  Sales Vouchers :

  • Auto Generaton of Accounts Sales Voucher from the Excise Dispatch data.
  • Auto Item/Product group wise Sales a/c posting.
  • Product group wise auto online posting in different heads for Excisable, Non-excisable, Captive, Export, Trading, Branch transfer, Consignment Sales a/c.
  • Amount fields posting in different posting a/c heads

7.   Sales Freight Vouchers :

  • Accounts Sales Freight Voucher is auto generated from the Sales data and destination and time period wise transportation rate from freight master along with shortage deduction as per prescribed norms and rates.
  • Auto online Product group wise Outward Freight a/c posting.
  • Auto TDS entry generation along with the consideration of concessional TDS rate.
  • Auto Shortage in weight deduction (Credit to Party a/c) Posting.
8.  Bill Tracking :

  • Allocation of payment to many bills
  • Bill wise age analysis for Debtors/ Creditors
  • Reminder letter for pending bills

9.   Bank Reconciliation :

  • Simple Banck Reconciliation Procedure.
  • Additional entry/deletion for the transaction which are effected by Bank but voucher not made by us.
  • Passbook printing and computation of interest as per bank.

10.   Balance Sheet/Trial Balance/Ledger :

  • Ledger and Trial Balance
  • Special ledger for party reconciliation.
  • Balance sheet in Audited Format in three different phases.

11.   Letter of Credit (LC) Automation :

  • L.C. document entry & Linking L.C. with Sales Order .
  • Allocation of sales amounts in L.C. for listing of pending or allocated amount of L.C.
  • Creation of L.C. document from invoices for given period.
  • Auto bank vouchers having calculated interest amt & bank charges.
  • Auto Reversal of bank vouchers by JVs on clearing the L.C.
12.   Expense Management :

  • Definition of Expense Heads
  • Concept of Expense Category, Expense Heads and Expense details
  • Capturing of Expense breakup in CBJ entry or General Expense Bill
  • MIS engine for view the expense – monthly/ Head wise
12.   Costing Sheet :

  • A systematic approach for making costing sheet.
  • Integrated figures from modules stores/accounts/raw material and finish goods.
  • Net purchase and sales realization
  • Concept of Revenue Centers
  • Comparison of derived profit & loss with actual profit & loss.
  • Concept of Costing JVs
  • Allocation of common expenses into Revenue Centers based on formulae defined

13.   Budgeting :

  • Definition of Budgets
  • Single Group Budget
  • Two Group Budget
  • Budgets for any period type
  • Comparison with actual