GAP 5.0 ERP HRM / Payroll

Scope and Advance Features of ERP – HRM:-

1. Time Office Management:-

  • Auto attendance marking for defined off day, holiday, tours and leaves
  • Manual entry feature for daily attendance in case of manual system and it will generate all computer data for further any wage/performance related process.
  • Perfect time slab findings for overtime management and correlation with the organization policy.

2. Other Input Device Attachments :-

  • Auto Communication with card reader for capturing the incoming and outgoing time.
  • Can be extended to thumb impression detector device system for identification and attendance.

3. Muster Roll :-

  • Attendance Breakup in fourteen parts
  • Linked with time office system for capturing the attendance automatically
  • Monthly attendance performance
  • Daily in out Status with reasons

4. Shift Management :-

  • Own/flexible shift definition
  • Shift planning for individuals or employees
  • Day wise actual shift scheduling
  • Revised shift planning considering the leaves and tour details
  • Anytime shift adjustment for individuals

5. Leave Management :-

  • Acceptation and approval of Leave applications
  • Compensatory off management
  • Any time or in any condition the leave position record like Opening, credit, taken, current balance etc.
  • Leave encashment or addition to balance of leave tracking
  • Lapse leave

6. Arrears Management :-

  • For attendance in days
  • For monetary in salary rates
  • Automatic calculation of arrears during salary process
  • Overtime arrears handling.
  • Arrear paysheet and arrear payslip generation

7. OT and C.Off Management :-

  • Single and batch wise OT, calculation of employee
  • Approval of OT,

8. Loan management :-

  • Simple loan application or requisition form along with all necessary information applicant details, guarantor , application amount
  • Previous loans taken & there recovery wise position
  • Approval of loan application by viewing a-z information of loan requisition
  • Automatic loan recovery from salary
  • Auto linked with accounts to create the loan ledger

9. Tour management :-

  • Perfect and detailed tour planning with expected all types of expanses like lodging, traveling, food etc
  • Planning or scheduling of tour work and destination wise
  • Tour history
  • Adjustment of expanses and other things after returning from tour

10. Employee Insurance :-

  • Insurance cover to the employee
  • All insurance details

11. Employee Appraisal :-

  • Performance appraisal for future promotion and increment
  • Behavior appraisal

12. Employee History :-

  • Detailed job history with previous all assignment ,designations and performance
  • Detailed Training history – i.e which training taken and when

13. Employee Grievances Handling :-

  • Employee dissatisfaction ,complaint and grievances noting and taking care in planned way

14. Other Some Important Masters :-

  • Reference person master
  • Employee family details along with parents information master
  • Family hobby details master
  • Employee qualification master

15. Income Tax Calculation :-

  • Projection of income tax
  • Direct automatic income tax calculation and deduction from salary
  • Slab wise professional tax deduction
  • Form 16 Generation

16. Statutory Reports :-

  • P.F reports as defined by the employee provident fund office like form 10/form 6a/form 3a/pf(vpf) etc
  • ESIC reports like form 6/form 7/challan etc
  • Professional tax report
  • Bank ex-gratia reports

17. Other Important Features :-

  • Employee photo scanning and storing for identity
  • Employee category and grade maintenance
  • Parameterized department and designation creation
  • Capable of handling any number of employee
  • Several salary summaries
  • Flexible query dependent single-screen-multi-information report
  • Bonus Calculation and distribution
  • Other wages or incentives and benefits
  • Employee technical training scheduling or planning
  • Legal suits
  • Employee qualification details
  • Reason of living the company for ex-employee
  • Leave carry forward
  • Self explanatory , easy to use
  • Efficient screen management by experts
  • Online help included