Services And Solutions

Our Services

– Software Development

– Networking

– Corporate Training

– Database Consultancy esp. for ORACLE

Our Methodology:

We offer full-cycle software development and maintenance from Requirement Analysis, Designing, Development, Implementation, Testing and Support. We use modern development platforms and high-end software’s such as Designer-2000 for designing the database, Developer-2000 as Front-end, SQL, PL/SQL for programming & ORACLE as database.

Our main stream work is New Application Development, Interface programming using PL/SQL, Complex PL/SQL programming, Database Triggers,  Data Recovery, Tuning of SQL Statements, Tuning of forms & reports, Database Tuning, Forms & reports customization, Data Integration using SQL Loader, Data Migration using SQL Loader.

Our Solutions

QSM (Quantitative Stock Management)

Introduction: The QSM software caters tracking system of the materials being used in transmission lines. It reduces the loss and missing materials during transmission lines setup. Provides ease of material traceability and reporting system. Any missing material during transit can bring into immediate notice for action. This allows company to maintain their products, returns and day to day activities at site level on real time.

Business Flow: The company enters all the relevant entries in the system for transmission lines setup. GRN entries can be fed to the system from packing list. These packing lists contain data from dispatch section. After complete entries, report can be generated that shows discrepancies between GRN and packing list if any. Materials get issue to the site based on terms and conditions. Which in-turn distributes to the contractors at the site level. All received entries at the site as well as at the contractor level is then reconcile with the material issue level. Reports also show the difference in issue Qty. and BOM Qty. This is very useful for material intact. Also manages consumption of materials at locations (towers) from contractors. There are various adhoc reports such as Stock Ledger, Packing. List vs GRN, Stock vs BOM, Stock Consumption etc. which can be used for reporting purposes.

Benefit: With this software company can manage smooth working of stock maintenance Project wise and site (Store) wise. Tracks shortage and excess inventory. Reduces overhead costs and timely setup of transmission lines.

Multi-company generalized Accounting Package:

This is the generalized accounting package which caters to the needs of a company responsible for carrying a multi-company accounting assignment.  It solves the basic problems of day to day company of all account related problems in a multi-user friendly environment. The system takes care of invoices of like sales, purchase, receipts, payments, return of sale, return of purchase, material issue, debit note, credit note, journals & contra etc. Numerous reports are made available.

Financial Accounting:

This software caters to the needs of manufacturers/traders/marketers/agencies etc. This Accounting package keeps the information of items, Party, Sales, Excise, Challan, Transaction etc.

Inventory Control:

This package maintains the activity of purchasing of items for store department wise. Issuing of items from store to particular department and generating numerous reports using FIFO (First In First Out) method.

Payroll System:

This software keeps the information of employee, maintaining the salary structure, and generate salaries of employee’s, ESI reports, PF, Bonus, Advance salary report, Yearly salary summary employee wise etc.

Bill of Material Calculation Software :

This software developed for ACE Calderys Limited for Preparation of Bill of Material for any kind of equipment / geometry. After entering the different dimensional value of required geometry and selection of refractory material, the report can be printed out in different format as per the requirement of client. The report can be prepared in Geomentrywise, Equipmentwise, Consolidated BOM in different formats like Excel Sheet, Word Document, PDFs


 Cylinder Monitoring Software:

This software deals with maintaining the cylinders rotation of gas manufacturing Co. It keeps track of cylinder send to customer and receives from customer. This data is then processed to produce a number of reports relating to cylinders, outstanding, cylinder ledger, errors (wrong number cylinder), rent calculation etc.

Co-operative Society Software:

This is the customized Accounting software in multi-user friendly environment. The system takes care of the numerous schemes/Tables e.g. RD, FD, Loans. It also takes care of the activity i.e. Maturity, Pre-maturity, Transfer of Account, Interest calculation, Loan recovery, chain wise commission to field workers. Numerous reports are made available e.g. Number of Accounts,

Value of Accounts, Subsidiary ledger of accounts. Periodical reports of accounts, Cash book, Bank book, Journal book, Day book, Scroll, General Ledger, Trial balance, Receipt & Payment, Balance Sheet,

Profit & Loss Account etc.  The assignment included designing the tables using Entity-Relationship diagrams and normalization techniques. Running successfully in SAHAKAR FINANCE AND INVESTMENT PVT.LTD.